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Press Releases

  • 15 February 2018 | Aravive Biologics Initiates Phase 1 Study of Novel GAS6-AXL Pathway Inhibitor, AVB-S6-500

    Aravive Biologics, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on development of treatments for cancer and fibrotic diseases, today announced the initiation of a Phase 1 clinical trial of AVB-S6-500 (previously referred to as Aravive-S6).  (more…)

  • 29 January 2018 | Aravive Biologics and WuXi Biologics to Form Strategic Manufacturing Collaboration Following Successful IND Filing for AVB-S6-500

    Aravive Biologics, Inc. and WuXi Biologics (WuXi Bio, 02269.HK) today announced plans to expand their biologics manufacturing collaboration, based on the rapid success achieved in the process development, scale-up and cGMP manufacture of Aravive’s lead drug candidate, AVB-S6-500 (previously referred to as Aravive-S6). (more…)

  • 02 October 2017 | Aravive Receives Innovator of the Year Award from YTEXAS

    Aravive Biologics, Inc. has been honored as the 2017 “Innovator of the Year” by YTEXAS, which hosted its 4th Annual YTEXAS RēLO AWARDS on September 29, 2017. (more…)

  • 27 September 2017 | Aravive Biologics Named as One of FierceBiotech’s “Fierce 15” Biotech Companies of 2017

    Aravive Biologics, Inc. today announced that it has been named by FierceBiotech as one of 2017’s Fierce 15 biotechnology companies, designating it as one of the most promising private biotechnology companies in the industry. (more…)

  • 09 May 2017 | Aravive Biologics Names Stephen L. Eck, MD, PhD, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Aravive Biologics today announced the appointment of Stephen L. Eck, M.D., Ph.D. as President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Eck was formerly Vice President of Oncology Medical Sciences at Astellas Pharma Global Development, Inc. (more…)

  • 10 January 2017 | New Research Suggests Anti‐viral Role for Aravive Biologics’ Anti‐AXL Candidate Against ZIKA Virus

    Newly published in vitro research reveals that the ability of ZIKA virus (ZIKV) to infect glial cells in the developing brain is mediated by the Gas6-AXL pathway, and that Aravive Biologic’s engineered decoy AXL receptor, Aravive-S6 (referred to as MYD1 in the publication) can block ZIKV infection by intercepting Gas6 to prevent AXL signaling. These findings suggest a potential antiviral role for Aravive-S6 in addition to its previously reported anticancer activity.

  • 23 December 2016 | New Research Suggests Role for Aravive Biologics’ Anti-AXL Candidate for Increasing Tumor Sensitivity to Radiation and Check-point Inhibitors

    New preclinical research published online today in Nature Communications suggests a potential role for Aravive-S6, a novel therapeutic candidate under development by Aravive Biologics, Inc., to increase tumor sensitivity to radiation therapy and checkpoint immuno-oncology agents.

  • 29 November 2016 | New Research Validates both Single Agent and Synergistic Anticancer Activity for Aravive Biologics’ Anti-AXL Candidate in Multiple Tumor Types

    Aravive-S6, a novel therapeutic candidate under development by Aravive Biologics, Inc. shows strong, highly selective preclinical activity against multiple advanced forms of cancer as both a single agent and in synergy with other chemotherapeutic drugs, according to new research published today in the Journal of Cancer Investigation. Aravive-S6 is attributed with selectively inhibiting the AXL-signaling pathway which acts as a “survival switch” that scientists believe promotes tumor growth and metastasis, and resistance to common chemotherapeutic agents.  (more…)

  • 21 November 2016 | Ruga Corporation Announces Move to Houston with $20 Million Grant from CPRIT and Name Change to Aravive Biologics

    Ruga Corporation today announced the company’s name change to Aravive Biologics, Inc., and the relocation of its business operations to Houston, Texas. The move follows the company’s award of a $20 million grant from the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT), which is supporting the development of a novel drug candidate, Aravive-S6, as a potential treatment for acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) and solid tumors including ovarian, pancreatic, and breast cancers.